The 'Gans III  Core'

            The Gans III core is available with both a Metal and a Plastic adjustment tool.  This unibody core was designed for the Gans III cubes. 

            We have found that this core works with many other sized cubes including Dayan 57mm & 55mm cubes, FangShi 57mm and 54.6mm cubes, MoYu WeiLong & HaunYing.  While this core does work with many 3x3 cubes, please note that adjusting tensions on cubes other than the Gans (which has a bigger space on the center piece to accomidate the tool) you will likely need to have only the center pieces on while adjusting the tensions. 

            This means a bit of a hassle while adjusting tensions for the first time.  Assemble the center pieces onto the core and lightly tighten the nuts, then add the corners and edges... If it is too tight or loose, you will likely need to remove all corners and edges to have space for the tool to adjust the center piece.  It is a bit of a task to get your cubes tensions right, but once you get the tensions set to your liking, it will have been worth the effort.  This core is Great!

            Using this core on a FangShi 54.6mm Off-White / Black body cube, Donovan of Lubix Cube hit his personal best solve time ever of 9.90 seconds, blasting past his previous PB of 11.42.  It’s definitely worth checking out to see if this core could replace the core in you main speed cube.

Gans III Core

This core while designed for the Gans cubes, has been found to work very well in other cubes such as Dayan and FangShi.

$ 6.99

Great for 55mm - 57mm Cubes

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