The 'MoYu AoLong GT'

            The MoYu AoLong GT is an upgrade from the AoLong V2.  Thru experimentation, a lot of cube companies have changed the shape of the corners back to square, and have rounded the centers a bit.  This is proving to be the best technique to prevent corner twists during a scramble or solve.  Like most new cube designs, this cube has small torpedos integrated into the edges that work well preventing pops. This cube was my main for well over a year, and is a great choice if you find the Gans 356s V2 too uncontrollable.

            We start with a standard AoLong, and completely disassemble the cube.  No edge mods here as the internals are very smooth to begin with.  We still remove mold flashings for a smooth feel.

            The next thing we do, is use our branded 'Lubix Cube Silicone' to lubricate the metal hardware.  This includes lubricating the head of the screw where the spring rubs on the the head of the screw.  We also lubricate the washer on the other side of the spring.  In addition, we lubricate all friction areas of the center pieces where metal rubs on plastic.  This is by far the best method of lubricating the core, and because of the very thick viscosity of our Lubix Cube Silicone, the benefits of this lubrication will last at least six months with excessive use. (100 solves a day, every day for 6 months).  Your Lubix cube should not need any further lubricating for at least 6 months.

            We also remove any imperfections or burrs on the core, so that none of the internal pieces come in contact with the nylon core.  We then reassemble the cube starting with screwing the center pieces to the core.  At this stage, we then do an additional lubrication on the exposed metal core between the core and the center piece.  This offers further lubrication of the biggest friction area on the cube.  We simply call this 'Lubing the core'.  This extra bit of silicone at the highest friction area of the cube is the reason that the cube does not need lubrication for such a long time.

            Next we assemble the cube, and add a bit of our silicone to the surface pieces.  Do note that because our silicone is of a high viscosity, that when you receive your cube, it may at first feel a bit sluggish.  This is normal, and once you have solved the cube about half a dozen times, it will speed up dramatically as the silicone gets worked around to all of the surfaces evenly.

            We double check that all the stickers are correct, and in perfect condition.  If we see an issue with the quality or alignment of the stickers, we replace them before we send the cube out.  We sticker all of our cubes with what is called a 'Minus Yellow' or standard configuration.  This means that White is opposite of Yellow, Blue is opposite of Green, and Red is opposite of Orange.  Red-White-Blue are adjacent to each other in a clockwise order 'RWB'.

            Finally, we put on our high quality Lubix Cube Logo on the white center.  This is to show that you have an official Lubix Cube.  Our logo design is simple, and makes it very easy to find the white center, with out it being distracting during the rest of the solve.  We use different color schemed logos depending on the cube.  The logo on the AoLong GT is Purple with a grey center.

AoLong GT

MoYu’s newest cube following the AoLong V2. The GT is designed to stop corners from twisting. It comes with a standard  color scheme.

$ 21.99

Compared to Unmodified - $ 16.99

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