The Lubix 'Metal Mod File'

            Need a general file for modifying your standard GuHong into a Lubix Fusion?  This is the one!  This tool makes spacing the gap on a V1 GuHong to fit our custom torpedos very easy to do.  TIP:  While it can be used for other cube modifications, know that here at Lubix we do the 48 point edge mod with a small utility blade not a file.

        The Specifics:  Econo Neele File, Knife edge. The file is 5.5” long, cut #2. Knife shape with teeth on both sides.  Price includes shipping.

Lubix Mod File

This is a good quality needle file that helps in modifying the edges of a GuHong V1 to allow the Lubix Torpedoes to fit well.

$ 4.99

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Used for the Lubix Fusion Torpedo Mod