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Lubix Fusion

This in a GuHong V1 which uses specially made torpedoes manufactured by Lubix. It’s a very pop resistant GuHong V1.Lubix_Fusion.html
Lubix GuHong ELITE

Hand made, these cubes require 6-8 hours of modifications to be made as smooth turning as possible.Lubix_GuHong_ELITE.html
Lubix Illusion

A unique Lubix Cube design (2010).  It uses various color GuHong cubes to create a unique and difficult puzzle.Lubix_Illusion.html

$ 4.99

Lubix Mod File

This is a good quality needle file that helps in modifying the edges of a GuHong to allow the Lubix Torpedoes to fit well.Lubix_Mod_File.html

Used for the Lubix Fusion Torpedo mod

$ 9.99 - 19.99

Lubix Silicone

A high viscosity pure silicone manufactured by Lubix Cube.  While many companies try to emulate it, this is the original.Lubix_Silicone.html

Manufactured by Lubix Cube

Lubix Torpedos

We manufacture these high quality torpedoes to reduce popping on the original LingYun V1, and GuHong V1.Lubix_Torpedos.html

$ 14.99

Lubix Watch

A three hand watch that has the Lubix Logo as the background.  Male and female sizes with a metal finish and a leather strap.Lubix_Watch.html

Custom manufactured for Lubix Cube

Lubix ZhanChi ELITE

Hand made, these cubes require 6-8 hours of modifications to be made as smooth turning as possible.Lubix_ZhanChi_ELITE.html

$ 27.99

Only available from Lubix Cube

$ 15.99

Designed by Lubix Cube

$ 3.99 - 5.99

Single kit $ 3.99 - Double kit $ 5.99

$ 99.99

Modded to perfection + custom Torpedos

$ 99.99

Modded to perfection

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