'Lubix Torpedos'

            When we first received a prototype of the Dayan LunHui, we were very impressed with the concept of the torpedo first introduced with this cube.  Not more than 60 minutes of doing the first youtube video to showcase this cube, we had it taken apart, and were looking for ways to modify the torpedos to fit the GuHong.  One hour later, I had in my hands, the very first example of a GuHong with torpedos.  Fun fact... the cube I used it in?  My 2nd ever Lubix ELITE... This one pop proof!

            The following morning, we were at a manufacturing shop getting cad designs drawn up so that we could start manufacturing torpedos to fit the standard GuHong.  Being as we were going that far, we also decided to revive the LingYun V1 with the same concept, banking on the idea that Dayan would re-release both cubes rather than to add different shaped torpedos to the general public.  Our gamble paid off.  Later we found out that Dayan had re-tooled the mold for the Dayan LingYun V1, and used it to rerelease the LingYun as the V2, forever changing the V1 mold.  This is why the LingYun V1 is no longer available... the tool for it is used for the V2.  For the GuHong V2, instead of retooling the mold, they opted to create a new mold and released a GuHong V2 with a slightly different design than the original GuHong V1.  So this left us in a very unique spot.  We are the only company to have ever machined torpedos for the GuHong V1, and the LingYun V1.

            A few weeks once our stereo lithography (3D printed) test pieces were completed and we knew the pieces fit, we released both the torpedos to the public, as well as our showcase specialty cube the Lubix Fusion.  For the Fusion, we modified the cube for our customers so that the pieces fit properly prior to sending them out.

            Because the GuHong was never designed to have torpedos, the gap that is on the cube needed to be opened up a little bit and cleaned for proper fitment of our torpedos.  At this point we also added needle files on our site so that modding enthusiasts could try their hand at the mod without having to track down a good file to do so. We also uploaded several videos on our modification process so that our customers could have better information on doing the mod.  These videos are still available on the Lubix Cube channel on Youtube.

            So, feel like trying your hand at making your own Lubix Fusion?  Dust off that old GuHong, pick up some torpedos and get going!  For those of you who want perfection, our Lubix Fusion is to this day, still one of our best selling specialty cubes.

Lubix Torpedos

We manufacture these high quality torpedoes to reduce popping on the original LingYun V1, and GuHong V1.

$ 3.99 - 5.99

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Single kit $ 3.99 - Double kit $ 5.99