Lubix Watch

            The Lubix Watch is a classy logo printed timepiece with hour markers on the right half of the fixed bezel, and roman numerals indicating the 6:00 hour to the 12:00 hour on the left.  It has a brush steel finish with a genuine black leather strap.  The inside part of the strap is tan.  It is a non-jewell quartz movement, and has a water resistant back cover for replacing the battery.  The battery model is a SR626SW. 

            Time is adjusted by gently pulling out the dial on the right hand side of the watch and adjusting it with clockwise and counter clockwise movements.   Or if you prefer, with R or R’ movements.  In addition, the time can be adjusted by holding the dial, and rotating the entire watch with little L’s (l & l’)  We kid... We kid...

            We package the watches in a silver tin with padding all around to prevent damage during shipping.  The tin will also contain the Return Certificate / Warranty card.  This watch includes a One Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer as follows:

            Your watch has been adjusted and electronically timed by skilled watchmakers.  It will give you excellent service.  Should the mechanism develop a problem to to defective workmanship however, it will be repaired at no charge to you for parts or labor.  This warranty applies to the mechanism of the watch only.  It does not include necessary periodic cleaning and oiling of the movement, replacement of batteries, crystal, straps, parts or rusted non water-resistant watches.  Accidental exposure to water such as sprinkling will not affect the time-keeping efficiency of water-resistant watches.  However, prolonged immersion in water is not recommended.

Lubix Watch

A three hand watch that has the Lubix Logo as the background.  Male and female sizes with a metal finish and a leather strap.

$ 14.99

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